• General School Information

    Sharper Edge offers ground school seminars in cities across Canada.

    Our ground schools offer a comprehensive training package where we focus on putting it all together for you. Our courses typically comprise 4 days of focused learning in a small class size where you are guaranteed a high level of individual attention and your progress is assessed along the way. Signing up for our courses brings you a number of learning tools, which when used together will help ensure your success. The package includes:

    • Web-based basic knowledge preparation material
    • Exam preparation guide which will be sent to you in advance of the course
    • Approximately 30 hours of interactive ground school
    • Web-based review quizzes available each evening after class, which will help identify areas which require additional focus
    • Web-based final exam to prepare you for the real thing

    Sharper Edge Airline Transport Pilot Ground School

    Course Content

    • Navigation tools – GNSS, INS, VOR, ILS, DME, ADF
    • Modern Cockpits – EFIS, FMS, ADHRS
    • Regulations pertinent to Commuter and Airline Operations
    • Chart usage; HI, LO, arrival, approach, departure and aerodrome charts
    • Meteorology pertinent to high speed and high altitude flight including jet streams, clear-air turbulence, thunderstorms and thunderstorm avoidance, thunderstorm detection equipment (airborne weather radar, lightning detection equipment and weather via datalink) and wind shear avoidance and response
    • Large airplane systems – gas turbine engines and their systems, air conditioning and pressurisation, hydraulic including braking (ABS) and flight controls, electrical systems including fly-by-wire flight controls
    • Human factors
    • Flight operations including – cold weather operations, take-off and cruise performance, weight and balance
    • Advanced aerodynamics including high speed flight, jet aircraft performance

    Course Timing

    Ground school commences at 0830 and continues to 1730 on every day except the last day when it will end at 1600.


    $450.00 per person which includes all course materials.*

    We will provide the following course materials:

    • Current Exam Preparation Guide

    Students attending the course are expected to bring the following with them for the course:

    • Notepaper
    • Writing implements
    • Basic calculator
    • Flight computer (CX-2, E6B or similar)


    Seminars will be located at Professional Flight Centre at Boundary Bay Airport. Parking is plentiful. For directions, please use this Google Map to Professional Flight Centre.

    Hotel and car rental are available as follows:

    Local Accomodation

    There are several hotels nearby, however we recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Riverport in Richmond. It is reasonably close by and there are a restaurants within easy walking distance of the hotel. You can use this Google Map to find the Holiday Inn in Riverport Richmond.

    Confirmation/Cancellation Policy

    We give you the option of cancelling your attendance up to 2 weeks prior to the course and we will confirm the course at that point. If you cancel your attendance, we will refund your fees less a 5% cancellation fee. If we cancel a course, we will refund your course fee or transfer it to another course. Sharper Edge cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by persons whose course is cancelled.

    Other Information

    Our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 people. We focus firstly on helping you achieve a thorough level of understanding, passing the exam then follows as a natural consequence. To gain the maximum from the course, you should complete both the pre and the post-course exercises which are available on our website to those who have signed up.

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